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How to Create Review Boxes

If done right, review blogs are probably the most profitable. Like every blog, a review blog should have a solid design. One of the most important aspects of the design is review boxes, as

How to Use a Single Function for Multiple Shortcodes

The Shortcode API in WordPress allows you to create “snippets” in order to introduce special content (like HTML code or PHP functions) in a post. Most people build a separate function for each shortcode,

How to Save a Default Post Thumbnail

There are many tutorials describing how to check a post for thumbnail and rendering one if there isn’t any. However, I will show you how you can save a post without a thumbnail to

How to Add Custom Styling to Images Using Classes

The way WordPress generates IDs and classes can be helpful in a number of ways, particularly when you want to add custom styling to images. In this tutorial, I will show you how classes

How to Apply Custom Taxonomies, Tags and Categories to Attachments

Although WordPress doesn’t allow you to assign tags or categories to your uploaded media, it’s extremely easy to do so. Not only that, you can even create a custom taxonomy in just 10 minutes!