You Are Add Classic Vignette Effect Easy To Add Your Image In Photoshop,This Photoshop Classic Vignette Effect Tutorial Very Easy Learn A Few Steps,I’m using Photoshop CS4 here but any recent version of Photoshop will work.

Final Effect Image.

Classic Vintage

Before Image.

offiical photo 03 a

Step 1: Open Image in Adobe Photoshop.


Step 2 : Add A White Solid Color Fill Layer.

Solide Color

And Color White.

Solid Color White

White Color

Step3 : Select The Layer Mask.

You Have New layer

Step 4 :Select The Elliptical Marquee Tool

Select Elliptical Marquee Tool

Step 5 :Drag Out An Elliptical Selection Outline

Apply On Image

Step 6: Fill The Selection With Black Go To Edit menu And Select Fill.

Editr Fill

Change-The Option Black.

Fill Black

After Layer Penal.

Show Area Black