Snow In A Photograph here I have a photograph of a deer that I took in my backyard,It had already snowed the day before, so there’s snow on the ground in photoshop tutorial,

Final Result,

Final Result

I Use This Image.

Storage Canoe Ca

Step 1: CTRL+J on my keyboard to make a duplicate copy of my image.

Copy Layer

Step 2: Selective Color. Go to Image> Adjustments> Selective Color

Adjust Selection Color

Selective Color dialog in this setting.

Red Color Adjust

Agen go to Selective Color in this setting.

Yello Color Adjust

Step 3: create a New Layer and fill it black

Ad New Layer

Fill it black color.

Color For Black

Alt +Backspace.

Fill It Black

Step 4: Filter> Noise> Add Noise

Filter Noise