Architectural Natural environment introducing atmosphere. On this tutorial we’ll discuss the strategies required to add atmosphere to a architectural environment in Photoshop. We’ll utilize an atmospheric sunset in a urban environment to provide this architectural visualisation a more stylised effect.

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To start with I’m going to begin with this base render from 3D Studio Max and also have added a couple of textures for the road and various areas that didn’t render in addition.

For additional tutorials on rendering in 3ds max try 3D Max tutorials There’s also good quality basic Photoshop tutorials here if you don’t understand each one of these steps.

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Next I added this subtle sunset image for the render. We used this picture once i was keen so as to add these tones for the image; giving a warm evening feel on the place.

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I then placed the sky layer beneath the rendered layer.

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As being the sky lacked any detail Then i added a picture of some clouds I liked and felt would look in the actual visual.

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Next I masked out your sections of unwanted cloud utilizing a soft brush on the layer mask for the cloud layer. As you can tell most I removed lots of cloud, just leaving enough to destroy on the flatness on the sunset.

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At this stage I’m nearly proud of the night sky, I added an exposure adjustment to modify the whole sky, the sunset and also the clouds, to create out your gamma and slightly improve the exposure.

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Because the whole area is underdevelopment there was all kinds of other visuals available on the net with the surrounding buildings. Then i chop up these visuals and stretched them into the wireframe I’d from your original render. I preferred to perform these surrounding buildings in Photoshop since it allowed me to operate a lot more quickly, however i could of modelled them from reference in 3ds max if I had had additional time available.

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As you have seen I wasn’t too concered about being completely accurate as the focus in the image could be elsewhere from the image and that i could always hide mistakes like that along with other objects to populate the scene.

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