get a degree

If you’ve got a flair for graphic design, you’ll understand how satisfying it feels to craft that perfect picture. With just a few strokes of your graphic tablet, you can create an image that will sum up an emotion better than words could ever manage

And, much like every type of creative outlet, there’s always that yearning to turn your satisfying hobby into your day job. But, how can you turn yourself from an enthusiastic graphic designer amateur to a paid-up professional in the industry?

Get a Degree

get a degree

Having a graphic designer degree under your arm can guarantee that you’ll be taken far more seriously in the industry, and give you a great deal of experience from professional tutors and peers alike.

Add to this the fact that time studying for a degree can give you the opportunity to build up a compelling folio, and you’ll find that your chances of breaking into the world of graphic design will increase exponentially.

Find a Style That Suits You

The great thing about being in a creative industry is that, when a client wants it, you’ll have the chance to really convey your personality in a piece. But, to really be able to take advantage of that opportunity, you’ll have to work non-stop.

While some prodigious people find that their pen or graphics tablet simply seeps with their personal style from the offset, most have to work hard to gain a unique sensibility, drawing out their quirks and idiosyncrasies again and again to gain something worthwhile.

Find a balance between your own creative preferences and ones you think a customer might like, and you’ll be able to really mark yourself out in this industry.

Build a Spectacular Folio

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Potential clients looking through your folio are like speculators sifting through the dirt in the hope of happening upon a goldmine. And, if you can optimise your folio, you’ll find that they won’t be searching for long.

A really great folio shouldn’t just be a catalogue of your finest work, but should show a sense of versatility and diversity, illustrating that you can give a customer exactly what they want.

Not only this, but a folio should be in a constant state of flux, being updated constantly as your work progresses and improves.

While you’re at it, get creative with your folio by putting it online and giving it a snazzy gimmick that will appeal to an employer’s commercial sensibilities. Make a website with your graphic designer skills at its core and you’ll find that potential clients will take notice of your resourcefulness.

Get in Contact with the Professionals Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

No matter what business you’re in, having the right contacts is a necessity for success. And, with that beautiful asset that is the social network, there’s barely an end to how many ways you can get in contact with professional graphic designers.

Hop onto Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn to track down the designers you love and, at the very least, you should be able to gain some hints and tips on improving your employability.