How To make a Cold Snowy Winter weather Picture In Photoshop. As we’re approaching no more the greatest summer and worst drought in recorded history through Texas, I made a decision a great cold winter scene tutorial was at order. On this tutorial I am going to take you step-by-step through my process and also the techniques That i used to create this nice cold winter portrait.


Blue Hue

Step 1

First off I knew that I wanted a person in this scene. Someone who’s nice and bundled as if they’re standing out in the cold. After some searching I found a great pic that you can grab here.


After staring at the image for a bit and visualizing the potential. I decided to cut the girl from the background. I did this by painting in Quick Mask Mode. There are so many ways to cut objects from their backgrounds, I’m sure you have your own method to do so. QMM is probably my favorite. If you use that method, be sure to check out my post on brush resizing as it comes in very handy when using QMM.


Step 2

Next we need to create a new canvas and paste the girl cut out onto it. Let’s create a new file at 2500×3600 300dpi. Add the girl to a new layer.


Let’s go ahead and sharpen her up a bit by duplicating her layer and going to Filter / Other / High Pass set the Radius to around 8.0.


Step 3

Now I want start adding to the background. First I added some tree branches using the Branches in Winter PS brush set.

New Layer

Then I added some clouds by grabbing a texture from the Vintage Clouds texture set here at WeGraphics.


To finish out the background I added a simple white gradient to the bottom to remove the hard edge created by the tree branches and sky texture.


Step 4

I like where this is going so far. Now I want to start thinking about the foreground. I know I want to add some snow and maybe and other elements to make the image appear even more cold.

But first I want to add some light from behind the girl. I did this by simply creating a new layer above hers and clicked around her shoulders using a large soft white brush. I only clicked twice with two slightly different sized brushes.

Brush Set

Step 5

Now it’s time to add some snow. This is my favorite part. I do this by creating a custom scatter brush. Start by choosing a soft white brush around 60 pixels. Then open the brush controls, and modify the settings as follows.

Vintage Clouds