How to turn A New Color Photo Into Old Photo Effect In Photoshop,A New Color Photo Turn Into Old Photo Effect In Adobe Photoshop Easy Tutorial,turning a new or recent photo into an Old Photo Effect.

Old Effect Photo.

old faimly photo

I Use This Image.

family photo 2005 10

Step 1 : Open Image Add A Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer

Hue Saturation

Hue/Saturation Seeting.

Hue Saturation 40

Step 2: Merge Both Layers Onto A New Layer Hold Down Alt Layer menu at the top of the screen and select Merge Visible .

Marge Visble layer

After Image.

Hue Image

Step 3: Apply The Gaussian Blur Filter To The Merged Layer Go To Filter Blur Gaussian Blur.

Filter Blur

Gaussion Blur Radius 6.0.

Gussion Blur

After Image.

Gution Image

Change Blending Overlay Opacity 70.

Overlay 70

Overlay Image.

Overlay Image