How to convert photo in to Cartoon Effect in Adobe Photoshop tutorial,easy to cartoon effect photo convert in adobe photoshop easy tutorial.

Final Cartoon effect Result.

Here We Cartoon Efffect

We are going to add  our Cartoon effect below the image which i Download from


Alexa Vega

Step 1: Duplicate the Layer.

Duplicate Layer

Back Copy

Color Dodge .

Color Dodge

After Color Dodge.

Color Dodge Pic

Step 2: Go to Image >adjustments >invert

Image Invert

After Layer Penal.

Invert Layer

Step 3: Go to Filter > Blur >Gaussian Blur

Filter Blur

Gaussian blur Setting.

Gaussion Blur

After Image.

Gaussion Blur Pic

Step 4:Go to Layer> New Adjust layer > Threshold

Layer Adjustments



Threshold Setting.

Threshold Set

After Image.

Therhold Pic

Step 5: After layer panel And Create a New Layer

New Layer