How To Create a 3D Pop-Out Effect In Photoshop,In This tutorial will show you how you can create that cool 3D pop-out effect using in Photoshop.

Final Result.

Final Result 3d

I use This Image.

Bike Photo

Step 1:Select Around Main Area I use the Quick Selection tool

Quick Selection Tool

Select mine area

Select Mine Area

Seleciton is made,And Simple Press Ctrl+J on keyboard This will put the selection onto its own layer,

Simple Press Ctrl+J

Step 2:Click Background layer,select Rectanguler Marquee Tool

Rectanglar Marquee Tool

Select around the part of the photo.

Select Area Ctrl+J

keyboard key Ctrl+J selection onto its own layer.

Ctrl+J Copy Layer2

Step 3: click on the FX icon to open the layer style menu. Then click on Stroke at the bottom of list.

Layer Penal Fx Stroke

Stroke choose the color white and Select in this Setting.

Layer Style Stroke

Outer Glow option in the Layer Style dialog box and Selection in this setting.

Outer Glow

After image

After Outer Strok

After Layer Penal.Select layer 1

Slect Layer 1

Step 4:Go Fx botten In Layer Penal choose Drop Shadwo

select in this setting.

Drop Shadow

After Layer Penal.

And Layer Penal

After Image.

After Layer On Drop Shdow

Step 5: Select and Fill The Back Ground Layer Color White

Simple press D and Ctrl+Backspace

Press D Back Ground White

Here We Final Result

Final Result 3d