With some creativity you can create amazing 3D Text Effects In Photoshop Easy Tutorial,Today we are learn ho to create 3d Text in Adobe Photoshop Easy To Guide How To Add Layer Style Effects in This Tutorial.

3D Effect Text.

3D Text Effect Tutorial

Step 1 : Open Documents by 800*400 In Adobe photoshop.

New Documents

Create New Layer.

Crete nelayer

Select Color.


Fill It Simple Press Alt+Backspace.

Simple Press Alt Backspace

Step 2 : Go To FX Button In Layer Penal And Select Inner Shadow.

FX Inenr Shadow

Inner Shadow Setting.

Inner Shadow Setting

After Pattern Overlay .


Step3 : Now that the background is created, let’s go the actual text effect. Click the Type Tool .

Type Tool

Select Color.

Select Color 2

Type Tool Setting.

Type Tool Setting

and write Text on the document.

Type Text

Click Fx Button in Layer Penal And Select option Drop shadow.

Drop shadow

Drop Shadow Setting.

Drop shadow setting

After inner Shadow Setting.

Inner Shadow seeting 2

And Bevel And Emboss Setting.

Bevel And Emboos

Contour Setting.

Countour Setting

Gradient overlay Setting.

Grandeint Overlay

Stroke Setting.

Stroke Setting

After Here Your Layer Style Effect Text.

After Apply FX