Colorful Retro Text Effect

It’s a retro text effect made in Photoshop.


Start your Photoshop cs6 and open up a new document. Name it Retro text effect. Follow the measurements shown in the given image. This is our background layer.



Fill the layer with color # 04e7e4

Color picker


Right click on the background layer and when options menu opens up go to blending options. There select the free vintage dot pattern we just downloaded and make the settings shown below in the image.

Layer Style


Now add a new layer and name it main text then select the typing tool and then select the science fair font from the font menu. You can follow the size and settings for the font from the picture given below. Use the color # ffa277 for the font.
Now type Retro Soulz like I did or you can write whatever you like.



Right click on the text layer and go to blending options. Select stroke of 3px size with 100% opacity and color # ffa277.

Layer Style 1


Now duplicate the text and move it a little bit on the right side and change the color to # fa72b2.

Text 1


Like before give this text stroke but with the color # ffa277.

layer style 2

Again right click on the 2nd text layer and go to blending options then select drop shadow. See the image shown below for the shadow’s settings.

Layer Style 3


Duplicate the first text layer, name it 3rd text layer and place it above the 1st and 2nd with color # ffffff.

Text 2

Right click on the 3rd text layer and go to blending options, select stroke of the same color as before but this time its size will be 5px.

Layer Style 4

Now select pattern overlay from blending options menu. Follow the settings shown in the image below.

Layer Style 5

Now you will have the retro text complete looking like the image below.

Text 3


Now we’ll add some stuff to introduce our retro text effect. After finishing with the main text effect I just selected pen tool and made this dark grey banner with it using rulers. Right click on the shape and select Define custom shape.

New 1

Right click on the shape layer and go to blending options, select drop shadow. Follow the settings shown in the picture below.

Layer Style 6


Again select the typing tool and use font Calibri of size 60pt with color # f6e2cb.

new 2


Last I added the name Websoulz using the font Brush Script Std of size 120pt in color # fa72b2. Then I tilted it pressing Ctrl + T.

New 3

So there you have it.

Colorful Retro Text Effect

Hope you have enjoyed making this retro text effect. If there are any difficulties or question you want to ask about this tutorial feel free to drop your comment, question, suggestion or appreciation :) in the comment box below.

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