beautiful lines

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to create beautiful lines of different shapes that you can add to any picture as shown below.

beautiful lines

You’ll need:

Step 1

Open the guitar silhouette picture in Photoshop and resize it to 1125 x 1500px by going to Image > Image Size.

 beautiful lines guitar silhouette

Step 2

Select the Brush Tool and open the Brush Panel by pressing F5. Select a 10px round hard brush with the following settings:

 beautiful lines brush panel

 beautiful lines brush panel scattering

 beautiful lines brush panel transfer

Step 3

Create a new layer and make a straight line of white color by pressing Shift.

 beautiful lines straight line

Step 4

Go to Filter > Blur > Motion Blur and apply a blur with the values shown below.

 beautiful lines motion blur

 beautiful lines motion blur result

Step 5

Press Ctrl+J to duplicate the current layer. Now, select both the duplicate and original layers and press Ctrl+E to merge them.

 beautiful lines merge

Repeat the aforementioned process numerous times till you get a result like mine.

 beautiful lines merge repeat

Step 6

Resize the line as shown below by gong to Edit > Transform > Scale.

 beautiful lines scale

Step 7

Duplicate the layer a couple of times and move each duplicate to the right to achieve the same effect as this:

 beautiful lines duplicate

Step 8

Merge all the line layers into one and transform it by going to Edit > Transform > Scale.

 beautiful lines merge and scale

Step 9

Now, make a selection of the current layer by choosing Select > Load Selection.

 beautiful lines selection

Select the Gradient Tool, choose the Transparent Rainbow gradient and apply it on the left part of the selection.

 beautiful lines gradient

Repeat the same process with the rest of the selection, but remember to leave some parts in white so that the line will seem more fractional.

 beautiful lines gradient result

Now, remove the selection by pressing Ctrl+D.

 beautiful lines remove selection

Step 10

Make the line longer by going to Edit > Transform > Scale.

 beautiful lines scale longer

Step 11

Transform the line as shown below by going to Edit > Transform > Warp.

 beautiful lines warp

You can transform the line however you want to.

 beautiful lines warp result

You can also make different shapes as you can see below.

 beautiful lines different shape

You can create more lines by following the aforementioned steps and placing them wherever you want to create different effects.

 beautiful lines