There was a time when only the very sophisticated were able to create websites. The ordinary man had to depend on them for website creation and had to pay a lot of money.

But things have changed now. Today a lot of tools exist that allow the lay man with no programming or coding background to create websites with ease. These tools are changing the way Internet and websites have evolved.

Out of all those tools we recommend that you try IM Creator to make a new website.

The family and friends of the founders of IM Creator didn’t have a technical background so these people decided to help them by building a tool which would let them create websites without any coding knowledge.

What started as an exercise to help the family has now grown into a successful online business. The fact that more than 4.5 million websites have been created with this tool is evidence of its success.

IM Creator has also been mentioned on top notch publications like The Next Web, The New York Times, CBS and Venture Beat.

Below I describe how you can create a website with it.

First of all make a registration. It’s quick and easy. Then login into the dashboard.

The left sidebar will display all sorts of different categories of templates. Click on the one you like and the template will load.

I clicked on the Fashion category and then chose the sandra_stylist template.



The template opened to full page, a part of what is shown below.


Now as you can see the page contains several options in the top which I can use to edit and customize this template.

I clicked on the image and then an option to replace the image was displayed. I clicked on it and replaced the image with that of Selena Gomez as shown below.

As a side note they have a collection of royalty free photos too which you can use in your design.

I also re-wrote the text as you can see.

These two customizations didn’t take over a minute to perform.


The point I want to make is that it is very easy to edit, customize and create a website with IM Creator.

The core advantage of using this tool is its drag and drop editor. This powerful feature lets you do exactly what it says. You can drag the different elements like pictures, text boxes, video frames, etc. here and there, anywhere on the page and then drop them wherever you want them to appear. The rest will be taken care of by the software.

Above all it’s free to use. There are three different kinds of plans available on the site. One of them called the I-M plan is free which will give you an URL, 50 MB of data storage and you can select any template out of their entire collection. Not bad for a free account.

Their website is worth checking out. Go and take a look and let me know what you think in the comments below.