Colored Chrome Text Effect

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to create a colored chrome text effect in Photoshop. We will be applying some simple Layer Styles to achieve the desired effect. Here’s the effect we’ll be creating:

Colored Chrome Text Effect

To create colored chrome text effect, you’ll need:

Step 1

Create a new 500 x 500px document and make the background dark gray. Don’t make it black since we’ll be adjusting it in a later step. Then, write your text with the Adira Display font and 190pt font size.

Colored Chrome Text Effect Text

Step 2

Double-click on the text layer to bring up the Layer Styles dialog box and apply Gradient Overlay with the settings shown below. The colors used for the gradient from left to right are #bedeec, #bcb7d7, #f0c9d7, #f5c8b5, #f5f2ca and #dff3fe.

Colored Chrome Text Effect Gradient Overlay

Colored Chrome Text Effect Gradient Overlay Result

Step 3

Back in the Layer Styles dialog box, use the settings shown below.

Colored Chrome Text Effect Satin

Colored Chrome Text Effect Inner Glow

Colored Chrome Effect Outer Glow

Here is the custom Contour setting for the Inner Shadow.

Colored Chrome Effect Inner Shadow

Colored Chrome Effect Drop Shadow

Colored Chrome Effect Layer Style Result

It looks good, but it doesn’t really look like chrome yet. To get the real chrome effect, we will now apply the Bevel and Emboss style with the following settings and custom Contour.

Colored Chrome Effect Bevel and Emboss

Colored Chrome Effect Bevel and Emboss Result

Step 4

Now, all we need to do is make the effect a bit darker to get the final effect. To do so, go to Layer > Add Adjustment Layer > Exposure and use the values shown below.

Colored Chrome Effect Exposure

Colored Chrome Text Effect

And that’s it! The colored chromed text effect tutorial is complete! If you want a really nice black and white chrome effect, you could remove the gradient effect.