Colorful Grunge Portrait

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to create a colorful grunge portrait in Photoshop. This effect is really easy and fun to create. You can experiment with different brushes and colors to get many different versions of the same photo.

Colorful Grunge Portrait

To create a colorful grunge portrait, you’ll need:

  • Adobe Photoshop

Step 1

You will need to start with a good worn paper texture. You can easily find such textures on the internet. I will be using this one:

Colorful Grunge Portrait Texture

Step 2

Now, copy and paste your photo to a layer above the texture layer. I found this portrait of John Lennon, which I will be using in this tutorial.

Colorful Grunge Portrait John Lennon

Now, increase the contrast of your photo by going to Image > Adjustments > Levels. The exact values will depend on your image. Then, go to Filter > Filter Gallery, choose Watercolor from the Artistic folder and give your photo a nice painted effect. Again, the exact values will depend on your image.

Colorful Grunge Portrait Watercolor

Step 3

Create a new layer above all the other layers. Then, switch over to the channels palette and cmd/ctrl-click on the thumbnail of the RGB channel to create a selection.

Colorful Grunge Portrait Selection

Now, go back over to the layers palette and with the new layer still selected, click on the Add A Mask option at the bottom of the layers palette to create a layer mask from your selection. Press Cmd/Ctrl + D to remove the selection and then press Cmd/Ctrl + I to invert the colors. You can now delete your original portrait layer.

Colorful Portrait Mask

Step 4

It’s time we start painting! Make sure the top layer is still selected and using any grunge brush you want, paint over the picture randomly with different bright colors.

Colorful Portrait Brush

Keep painting and changing your colors till you feel the effect is complete.

Colorful Portrait Painting

To give the effect a nice finish, you can add a border by filling a selection with 60% white.

Colorful Grunge Portrait

And we’re done! The colorful grunge portrait tutorial is complete!