How To Create A Dramatic Sky With Photoshop

Skill Level

In photos, the sky can regularly look muted and beaten up due to over exposure. On this tutorial you’ll learn to restore definition and add drama on your sky.


Open your photo in Photoshop.

First add a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer.

To give definition to the sky you need to increase the Contrast, and decrease the Brightness.


Don’t worry about how dark the landscape in the foreground looks, we’ll fix that next.

Quick Sellection

When you are very happy with how a sky looks, select all things in the foreground utilizing the Quick Selection tool.

Contrast Layer

Make sure the Brighness/Contrast layer thumbnail is still selected, then go to Edit>Fill and choose Black, then click OK.

Forground Photo

You have now masked out the effect of the Brigtness/Contrast layer in the foreground of the photo.

Overall Contrast