Elegant Bronze Text Effect

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to create an elegant bronze text effect in Photoshop. This simple yet sophisticated text effect is very easy to create and you will be done with it in just a couple of minutes.

Elegant Bronze Text Effect

To create an elegant bronze text effect, you’ll need:

Step 1

Create a new document of 1200 x 800px and set its Resolution to 200. Set #412a24 as the background color and #67402c as the foreground color. Then, grab the Gradient Tool, select the Foreground to Background gradient, choose the Radial Gradient option, and draw the gradient by clicking and dragging from the top right corner to the bottom left.

Elegant Bronze Text Effect New Document

Place the plank texture on top of the background layer and change its blending mode to Multiply.

Elegant Bronze Text Effect Plank Texture

We will now add a vignette effect to the texture by double-clicking on the texture layer and applying the following Gradient Overlay effect.

Elegant Bronze Text Effect Gradient Overlay

Elegant Bronze Text Effect Gradient Overlay Result

Step 2

Write your text using the Old London font, #8a623b color and 100pt size.

Elegant Bronze Text Effect Text

Duplicate the text layer and change the duplicate layer’s Fill value to 0.

Elegant Bronze Text Effect Duplicate Text

Step 3

We will now make the main textured part of the text by double-clicking on the original text layer and applying the layer styles shown below.

Set the Highlight Mode’s color to #dedede and Shadow Mode’s color to #171514.

Elegant Bronze Text Effect Bevel and Emboss

Set Ring as the Contour.

Elegant Bronze Text Effect Contour

Place Iron Grip as the pattern.

Elegant Bronze Text Effect Texture

Use Gold Label 230w as the gradient.

Elegant Bronze Text Effect Stroke

Set #74675b as the color.

Elegant Bronze Text Effect Inner Glow

Use Gold 24k – 20L as the gradient.

Elegant Text Effect Gradient Overlay Text

Elegant Text Effect Drop Shadow

Elegant Text Effect Text Layer Style

Step 4

Now, double-click on the duplicate text layer and apply the layer styles shown below.

Use Cone as the Gloss Contour.

Elegant Text Effect Duplicate Text Bevel and Emboss

Elegant Text Effect Duplicate Text Contour

Elegant Text Effect Duplicate Text Layer Style

Step 5

Finally, use any of the brushes from the floral and swirl design pack, and apply the same layer styles to them.

Elegant Bronze Text Effect

And we’re done! The elegant bronze text effect tutorial is now complete!

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