Film Edge Burns

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to create film edge burns in Photoshop. We will be using the Quick Mask Mode to select the areas of photo that we want to apply the effect to and applying a couple of adjustment layers to create the effect. This technique is very easy to follow, so beginners can use it too. The effect can be applied to any photo you want. Here’s the effect we will be creating:

Film Edge Burns

To create film edge burns, you’ll need:

  • Adobe Photoshop

Step 1

Let’s start by opening our photo in Photoshop. Then, switch to the Quick Mask Mode by pressing Q.

Film Edge Burns Original

While in the Quick Mask Mode, grab a soft large round brush and paint over the areas you want to apply the effect to. You don’t have to make it perfect since you can edit the burn areas afterwards in the final piece.

Film Edge Burns Quick Mask

Press Q to exit the Quick Mask Made and press Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + I to invert the selection.

Film Edge Burns Selection

Step 2

Now, create a Curves adjustment layer by going to Image > Adjustments > Curves and use the settings shown below.

Film Edge Burns Curves

Film Edge Burns Curves Red

Film Edge Burns Curves Blue

Film Edge Burns Curves Green

Step 3

We will now increase the contrast a bit by adding a Levels adjustment layer. To do so, go to Image > Adjustments > Levels and use the settings shown below.

Film Edge Burns Levels

Step 4

The best thing about adjustment layers is that the effect remains fully editable, so if you don’t like anything about the effect, you can change it at any time you want. To finish this effect, I colored the original Curves mask a bit to include a portion of the girl’s hair.

Film Edge Burns Layers Palette

And we’re done! The film edge burns Photoshop tutorial is complete! You can experiment with this technique and apply on any photos you want to create this effect.

Film Edge Burns