Learn How To Create Folded Paper Text Effect In Photoshop! Today we will learn how to realize a folded paper text effect from scratch in Photoshop. We will firstly create the background using a couple of patterns, then we will work on the type treatment with the help of the pen tool, layer masks and other useful techniques related to dodge,burn and the transform tool. This tutorial is very simple to follow, so I suggest to everyone to give a try.

 Final Result

Download Psd

1.  Create a new project with a resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels

2.  Create a new layer and fill it Brown. With the foreground color set to light brown, and the background set to Dark Brown go into Filter > Render > Fibers.


3.  Now set the variance and Strength of fiber See the Result like as Below

4.  Select the Type Tool (T) and type the text you want to write

5.  Press (Ctrl+R) for make alignment of text like as Below