puryel pinch

Here is a Photoshop tutorial to create gloss text effect, logos and buttons that I have found very useful.

1. Open a new 100x100px document:

100x100 pixel file created

2. Select the brush tool with a 20px brush create a image like this in your desired color:
(Use 100% hardness and hold in shift to create a straight line)

create a image like this

3. Save this as a pattern. Select Edit> Define > Pattern, enter a name and save

save as pattern

4. Open a new document in your desired size. I created a new 600x400px document and filled it with a yellow background:

open a new document

5. Open a new layer by going to Layer > New > Layer and click OK

new layer

6. Select the text tool from the tool palette and type in your desired text:

select text tool and write text

7. Next add the pattern you saved to the text by going to Layer > Layer Style > Pattern Overlay.

select pattern 1

And scale to 40% as below:

pattern overlay

8. While the layer style palette is open click on the Bevel and Emboss and set to this:

bevel and emboss

9. Then click on the Drop Shadow option and set to this:

drop shadow

Here is the result of the text before we angle it:

text before being angled

10. Next angle the pattern on the text by going to Image > Rotate Canvas > Arbitrary and set to 45CCW:

angle text

11. Then select Layer > Merge Visible

merge visible

12. Finally rotate the image back by going to Image > Rotate Canvas > Arbitrary and set to 45CW, click OK and you are done:

puryel gloss effect

In the original tutorial after number two you are advised to go to Filter > Distort > Pinch and create a image like this:

pinch image

This will create a final image like this:

puryel pinch

But I prefer the straight lines.

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