glowing text effect

It’s quite easy to create glowing text effect in Photoshop. You only need to style some layers and use a brush and you’ll be able to create something like this:

glowing text effect

To start, create an image with height 340px and width 600px and fill it with black color.

 glowing text effect color

Write your text over the black background in white color.

glowing text effect text

Now, style the text layer by double-clicking on it and making these changes:

glowing text effect layer 1

 glowing text effect layer style 2

 glowing text effect layer style 3

After styling, open the options by right-clicking on the text layer. From there, choose Create Work Path.

 glowing text effect work path

Open the brush settings and make the following changes:

 glowing text effect brush

Now, create a new layer and click on the Path panel.

glowing text effect path

Over here, choose Stroke Path from the options revealed by right-clicking on Work Path.

glowing text effect stroke path

Make sure that you have ticked the Simulate Pressure check box.

glowing text effect simulate pressure

Again, right click on Work Path but choose Delete Path this time.

 glowing text effect delete path

To copy the effects of the text layer onto the new layer, hold the Alt button and drag fx from the text layer to the new layer.

To the new layer, add Drop Shadow and keep the following settings:

 glowing text effect drop shadow

And we’re done!