Grunge Portrait

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to create a grunge portrait in Photoshop. This tutorial is aimed at intermediate users or for beginners who are approaching the intermediate level.

Grunge Portrait

To create a grunge portrait, you’ll need:

Step 1

Open the picture of lady in Photoshop and resize it.

Grunge Portrait Resize

Step 2

Grab the Lasso Tool and select the lady’s head. Then, add a layer mask by clicking on the Add Layer Mask option at the bottom of the layer’s palette.

Grunge Portrait Mask

Click on the thumbnail of the lady’s layer, go to Image > Adjustments > Threshold, and set 90 as the Threshold value. Now, there are two methods of removing the eliminated pixels; you can either use the Eraser Tool or select the layer mask and paint over them with a black brush.

Grunge Portrait Threshold

Step 3

Make sure your Foreground color is black, then go to Select > Color Range and set 200 as the Fuzziness value.

Grunge Portrait Color Range

Switch to the Paths palette, click on the small arrow in the top-right corner and select Make Work Path from the list that appears. Use the Tolerance value shown in the picture below. Now, go back to the layers palette, create a new layer and name it “lady black”. Select the Pen Tool, right-click on the canvas and choose Fill Path. You can now delete the path and hide the other lady layer.

Grunge Portrait Path

Create a new layer and with a black brush, paint over the white areas in the lady’s hair. Then, create a new layer, fill it with white and place it below the lady black layer.

Grunge Brush

Step 4

Create a new layer and with the splatter brushes, paint around the lady’s head. You can easily find many splatter brushes on the internet.

Grunge Splatter Brushes

Step 5

Now, copy and paste the grunge texture. With the grunge texture layer still selected, cmd/ctrl-click on the lady black layer and then Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + Click on the layer on which you have painted with the brush.

Grunge Texture

Add a layer mask to the texture layer. Next, hide all the layers except for the white background layer.

Hide Layers

Step 6

Finally, we will add a Gradient adjustment layer to add some color to the effect. To do so, click on the Create New Fill or Adjustment Layer option at the bottom of the layers palette and select Gradient from the list that appears. You can choose one of the default gradients or create your own. Then, change the Gradient adjustment layer’s blending mode to Overlay.

Grunge Portrait

And we’re done creating a grunge portrait!