Kaleidoscope Effect

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to create a kaleidoscope effect in Photoshop. Kaleidoscope is a pretty abstract design that you can make from any image. Here’s the effect we will be creating:

Kaleidoscope Effect

To create a kaleidoscope effect, you’ll need:

  • Any recent version of Photoshop

Step 1

Open your image in Photoshop. I will be using this image I found here.

Kaleidoscope Effect Original

Step 2

To create the kaleidoscope effect, we will make a guide. Activate the ruler by pressing Cmd/Ctrl + R. To make the guide, press Opt/Alt + Cmd/Ctrl+ I to open the Image Size dialog box and see the width and height of the image. Divide the height and width of the image by 2 respectively to get the half size of the image and place the guide on the half size.

Kaleidoscope Guide

Step 3

Now, create a selection from a part of the image according to the guide you created using any of the selection tools. I will be creating a selection from the bottom left of the image with the Rectangular Marquee Tool.

Kaleidoscope Selection

Duplicate your selection 3 times.

Kaleidoscope Effect Duplicate

Rename the duplicated layers along with the background layer to “bottom left”, “bottom right”, “top left” and “top right”.

Step 4

We will now flip the layers, starting with the bottom right layer so select that layer. Now, press Cmd/Ctrl + T to enter Free Transform, right-click on the selection and select Flip Horizontal. Then, move the selection in position on the bottom right of the image. Press Return/Enter when you are done.

Kaleidoscope Effect Transform

We have to do the same with the other two layers. For the top left layer, flip it vertically and move it in place and for the top right more tips here layer, flip it horizontally then vertically and then move it in place. And that’s it! Your kaleidoscope effect is complete! Just press Cmd/Ctrl + ; to remove the guides and your image will now look like this.

Kaleidoscope Effect