How to Create Metallic Text Effect in Photoshop

This tutorial will demonstrate how you can create a metallic text effect (like the one below) using only layer styles in about 20 minutes.

metallic text effect

You’ll need:

Creating the background

Create a new image with height 450px and width 600px. Set the resolution to 72 pixels per inch.

metallic text effect new image

Duplicate the background layer by clicking on Layer > Duplicate Layer > OK. Name the new layer as “Background Pattern”.

 metallic text effect duplicate layer

Open the Layer Style window by double-clicking on the new layer. Open Pattern Overlay, choose PATTERN from the list and click OK.

 metallic text effect pattern overlay

We will add inner shadow to the background to make it look better. Open Layer Style by double-clicking on Background Pattern and make the following changes:

metallic text effect inner shadow

Adding text and effects

Type your text using Strasua font. Keep the tracking value to 20, font size to 100 pt and anti-aliasing mode to Sharp.

metallic text effect text

Use the Move tool to select the background and text layer. To center it, choose “Align Vertical Center” and “Align Horizontal Center” on the top menu.

metallic text effect move

Double-click the text layer to open the Layer Style window and select Blending Options. Set the following values and click OK.

metallic text efect blending

Now to add the effects! Firstly, we’ll separate the background from the text by adding shadows. Open Layer Style by double-clicking on the text layer, choose Drop Shadow and make the following changes:

metallic text effect drop shadow

For the base of the metal effect, we will create a gradient overlay. Again open Layer Style and make the following changes to the Gradient Overlay settings:

metallic text effect gradient overlay

To brighten the edges, open Layer Style, choose Inner Glow and set the following values:

metallic text effect inner glow

Open Layer Style, choose Bevel & Emboss and make the following changes to start creating a 3D look:

 metallic text effect bevel and emboss

Now, we will make the metal effect more realistic by emphasizing shadows and lights. Open Layer Style, choose Satin and use the following values:

metallic text effect satin

This is the final step, where we will give the final 3D look. Open Layer Style, choose Stroke and use the following settings:

 metallic text effect stroke

Voila! Here’s the final image!

 metallic text effect

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