Motion Photo Effect

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to create motion photo effect in a still picture to make it look as if the subject in the picture is moving. The effect can be created in just 5 minutes if you are comfortable with the tools used here.

Create Motion Photo Effect

To create motion photo effect, you’ll need:

  • Adobe Photoshop

Step 1

Open your image in Photoshop. This is the picture I’ll be using:

Motion Effect Original

Now, duplicate your image.

Motion Effect Duplicate

To create motion photo effect in still picture, Go to Filter > Blur > Radial Blur and use the settings shown below. The Amount and Blur Center will depend on your picture and the effect you want to give it. There’s no preview option here so if you don’t like how the blur turned out, you can press Cmd/Ctrl + Z to undo it, then press Cmd/Ctrl + Opt/Alt + F to bring up the Radial Blur options again and choose different settings for the Amount and Blur Center to get the result you want.

Motion Photo Effect Radial Blur

Motion Photo Effect Radial Blur Result

Step 2

The blur effect is covering up the entire image, which is not what we want. In my picture, I want to remove the blur effect from the girl’s face, but before we can do that, we will have to create a layer mask, so click on the Layer Mask option on the bottom of the layers palette.

Motion Photo Effect Layer Mask

Now, grab the Gradient Tool, choose a black-to-white gradient and select the Radial Gradient option.

Motion Photo Effect Gradient Tool

Make sure the layer mask is selected and then click and drag from the center of the girl’s face to a little to the left, which will mask the blur effect on the girl’s face while making a smooth transition from the original image to the blurred effect.

Motion Effect Gradient

Motion Effect Gradient Layer Mask

Motion Effect Gradient Result

If you find the blur effect to be too strong, just lower the opacity of the layer. this will make the motion photo effect even better

Motion Effect Opacity

And we’re done, we learned how to create motion photo effect in Photoshop!

Motion Photo Effect