Create Professional Product Presentation by 3D Box

Final Image that we are going to Design in a simple Photoshop Tutorial  Create Professional Product Presentation by 3D Boxseriöse online casinos />

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Here one more interesting tutorial how to Create Professional Product Presentation by 3D Box particular product. I prefer to create box for some software product. So, let’s casinos deutschland start! First of all make a new document with the resolution 500×500 pixels for this tutorial. Select this canvas with white color. Using the Rectangular Marquee Tool create the same rectangular selection as on my picture you can see below. Then create a new layer and fill this selection with linear gradient using the #013a55 and #005f82. Create Professional Product Presentation by 3D BoxStep:3

Now, try to separate visually the lateral from the front part of the box. Holding the Alt button cut away the biggest part of the selection as was shown below. Fill the remainder of the selection with black to transparent gradient. Remove selection with Ctrl+D and move to the next step. I would like to bring some abstraction graphic elements to our future bow. So, I can casino bonus create some graphic elements by myself. Create new layer and using the Brush Tool add a few soft strokes with white color. Then apply Filter > Distort > ZigZag with next presets: Change layer mode to Overlay and set up opacity to 35%. Now we need to clean all the white lines that extend beyond the size casino spielen of the box. Select the box shape (Ctrl+left click on the box layer thumbnail on layers palette), then inverse selection with Ctrl+Shift+I and press Delete button to clear selected area. Create Professional Product Presentation by 3D BoxStep:8

Remove selection with Ctrl+D. Ok, time to add software logo to the box. You can find some logo using Google Images casino online bonus or you also can use my logo. Open up the picture and copy it to our main canvas. Then reduce it a little bit. Create Professional Product Presentation by 3D Box

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