Photoshop tutorials Create Realistic Looking Rainbow Photoshop Tutorial  I show you how to add a realistic looking rainbow to your Photoshop create realistic Rainbow.

Here Final Image

Final Result

I Use This Image

Step 1: Add  New Blank Layer

click on the New Layer icon at the bottom of the Layers panel.

Aad New Layer

Step 2: Select The Rainbow Gradient

Gradient Tool

Gradient Editor>right-pointing arrow>Special Effects

Gradient Special Effects

And Click Append


With the new Special Effects gradients added, – Russell’s Rainbow

After Append

I’ll click on that spot to set the starting point for my gradient, and with my mouse button still held down

Click Gradient

then we Have

Then This Image

Step 3: blend mode options Screen

Blending Mode Screen

After Screen

Afert Screen

Step 4: Go Filter menu> Blur>Gaussian Blur

Filter Blur GaussianblurRadias 10 pixels

10 Gaussian Blur

Click on the Layer Mask icon at the bottom of the Layers panel.

Add Layer Mask

Step 8: Choose The Black To White Gradient

Black And White Grndient

Black to White gradient by clicking on this.

Black White Grndient Tool

And Here We Result

Final Result