Hello my friends. In this tutorial I will show you how easy is to create a dark layout for your business perpose web layout in just a few steps. You can use this layout for any type of web business or personal related with small and simple modifications you can create also a portfolio layout. As usual I will create a new document with the following size: 1000 x 1100 pixels. I will set my foreground color to #333333, and then with Paint Bucket Tool I will fill the background color with this color.

I will select Rectangle Tool, and I will create a shape like in the following image. I will use this image to create the header of the layout.

For the white shape I will add the following layer styles

After you add the layer style your layout will look like this one.

I will create a similar shape under this one , and I will use the layer style as above, but I will un check the Reverse button

Here is the result

I will use one more time Rectangle Tool, and I will create another shape.

For this shape I will add some layer styles

Please click on the following image to see how it looks.

Now please download the following set of pixel patterns. Please note that this set is available only for VIP members. Load the patterns in Photoshop, and then create a new layer ( press on CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+N ) in the same time. With Rectangular Marquee Tool I will make a selection on the top of the layout.

I will choose the following pixel pattern, and I will click with my left mouse button inside the selection ( please note that you need to select also the new layer )

This is my result

With Eraser Tool I will delete the bottom part of the shape with this thin stripes. I will use a smooth round brush. This is my result.

I will use one more time Rectangle Tool, to create a shape where I will add later some buttons.


  1. just be in touch with me & will tell you as much as you want & you will be able to find all kind of tips according t you desires … With Thanks NadeemSMB

  2. How or where can you download the psd? on my browser there is no link.. Great tutorial by the way.