Sparkling Glass Text Effect

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a colorful and sparkling glass text effect. It is very simple to create this effect and requires you to apply just some Layer Styles and a couple of filters. Here’s the effect we will be creating:

 Sparkling Glass Text Effect

To create a sparkling glass text effect, you’ll need:

Step 1

You may need to load the contours used in this tutorial, like we did when creating the shiny mosaic text effect. To do so, go to Edit > Preset Manager, open the Preset Type menu and select Contours.

 sparkling glass text effect preset manager

Click on the arrow shown below and select Contours.

 sparkling glass text effect contours

Choose Append and the new contours will be added.

 sparkling glass text effect append

Step 2

Create a new document of 1250px width and 750px height, fill it with black and duplicate it.

 Sparkling Glass Text Effect Background

Set the foreground and background colors to their defaults by pressing D. Now, make sure the duplicate background layer is selected, go to Filter > Render > Fibers and use the settings shown below.

 Sparkling Glass Text Effect Fibers

Next, go to Filter > Blur > Motion Blur and use the settings shown below.

 Sparkling Glass Text Effect Motion Blur

Change the duplicate background layer’s blending mode to Linear Burn.

 Sparkling Glass Text Effect Linear Burn

Step 2

Write your text with the Playball font and 250pt font size.

 Sparkling Glass Text Effect Type

Set the Fill value of the text layer to 0 and duplicate the layer.

 Sparkling Glass Text Effect Duplicate Type Layer

Step 3

To create the glass effect’s first layer, double-click on the original text layer to open the Layer Style window and apply the styles shown below.

 Sparkling Glass Text Effect Original Text Layer Bevel And Emboss Picture

 Sparkling Glass Text Effect Original Text Layer Contour

 Glass Effect Original Text Layer Stroke

 Glass Effect Original Text Layer Drop Shadow

 Glass Effect Original Text Layer Style

Step 4

Let’s create the glass effect’s second layer by double-clicking on the duplicate text layer and applying the Layer Styles shown below.

 Glass Effect Duplicate Text Layer Bevel And Emboss

 glass effect duplicate text layer contour

 Glass Effect Duplicate Text Layer Inner Glow

 Glass Effect Duplicate Text Layer Style

Step 5

Grab the Brush Tool, select a soft round brush and set its size to about 450px. Now, create a new layer between the two background layers and name it “Color”.

 Glass Effect Brush Tool

You will now have to select different foreground colors and paint behind the text with each color to make dots of color. It is best to use lighter colors since they will produce a better effect. Here are the colors I used.

 Glass Effect Colors

And we’re done! The colorful and sparkling glass text effect tutorial is complete!

 Sparkling Glass Text Effect

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