How create a Stone Textured text in Adobe photoshop,this easy create textured text effect adobe photoshop tutorial easy to text convert to textured effect adobe photoshop tutorial.

Final result.

Here Final Result

Step 1: Open the Document


Step 2: You Desire and type some Text on it

Type Text

Are you type text 2 select layer marge layer Ctrl+E

Marge Layer

Step 3: Now click on the add layer style icon available at the bottom of the layers palette

Bleng Mod

Color overlay.

Color Overly

Step 4: Emboss layer style. In that Select Texture and choose rock patterns and choose any pattern from that

Rock Pattner

I select this.

Texture El

Step 5: Now create a new layer and ctrl+click inside the thumbnail of the text layer and now the text selected

Create New Layer

After Ctrl+Click Then Creating the border

Ctrl Click