Studded Text Photoshop Effects

In this text Photoshop effects tutorial, we will learn how to create a studded text effect. The techniques used are very simple and can be used to add studs to anything you want. Here is the effect we will be creating:

Studded Text Photoshop Effects

For this text Photoshop effects tutorial, you’ll need:

Step 1

Create a new document with 1250px width and 680px height. Make the document larger if you are going to write a longer text. Now, place the Texture Fabric pattern on top of the background layer and resize it to fit the document.

 Studded Text Photoshop Effects Texture

Go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation and use the values shown below.

 Studded Text Photoshop Effects Hue/Saturation

Now, write your text in capital using the Existence Light font, white color, 385pt font size and a Tracking value of 10.

 Studded Text Photoshop Effects Text

Step 2

Create another document with 100px width, 246px height and a white background. Grab the Rectangular Marquee Tool, select the Add to Selection option in the Options Bar and make two selections of 100x100px at the top and bottom of the document as shown below.

After making the selections, pick the Paint Bucket Tool and fill the selection with black. Then, remove the selections by going to Select > Deselect.

 Studded Text Photoshop Effects Selection

Save this document as a brush by going to Edit > Define Brush Preset and naming the brush.

 Studded Text Photoshop Effects Define Brush Preset

On the original document, open the Brush panel by going to Window > Brush, select the brush we just created and use the settings shown below.

 Studded Text Photoshop Effects Brush Tip Shape

 Studded Text Photoshop Effects Brush Shape Dynamics Picture

Step 3

We will now use the brush on the text to start creating the studded effect. The letters of the text have three main parts – curved, diagonal, and straight. The straight parts can be stroked manually, while the curved and diagonal parts will require us to create paths.

Let’s start with the curved parts. Grab the Pen Tool and select Path in the Options bar along the top of the screen. Add the anchor points by clicking once and then start clicking and dragging to create the curves. Use the text as a reference. There is no need to make the path perfect or follow the text exactly as it is since we will work on that later.

 Studded Text Photoshop Effects Pen Tool

To make things easier, make the paths for all the curved parts at the same time. You can separate the paths for different parts by holding the Command (Macs) / Ctrl (Windows) key and clicking outside the path when you have created it.

Once you are done creating the paths, select the Direct Selection Tool and start modifying them. You can change the curve’s orientation by clicking on the Direction Points and moving them around, or you can make the curve narrower or wider by dragging the Direction Points inwards or outwards.

 Studded Text Photoshop Effects Modify Path Picture

Now, we will stroke the paths by selecting the Brush Tool, setting the color #c78c04 as the foreground color and pressing the Return (Macs) / Enter (Windows) key. To see clearly how the stroke looks, make the text layer invisible.

If you don’t like how it looks, you can undo the stroke, play around with the brush spacing and size, and stroke the path again.

Once you are satisfied with the results, select the Direct Selection Tool and press Return (Macs) / Enter (Windows) to remove the paths.

 Studded Text Photoshop Effects Stroke Path

Step 4

We will now work on the straight parts of the text, so make the text layer visible again. Click on the tip of the straight line, hold the Shift key and drag to the end of the line.

 Studded Text Photoshop Effects Straight Line

We will be now creating paths for the diagonal parts, but pay attention to the letter before creating the paths. For instance, if you create paths for both sides of the letter Y, the studs will overlap. Therefore, we will create a path only on side, stroke it, duplicate it and then move it on to the other side. Start by creating a path on one side.

 Studded Text Photoshop Effects Letter Y

Now, create a new layer, stroke the path and remove the path as we did before.

 Studded Text Photoshop Effects Letter Y Stroke Path

Duplicate this new layer and go to Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal.

 Studded Text Photoshop Effects Flip Horizontal

Select the Move Tool and move the duplicated path until it overlaps with the bottom-right corner of the original path as shown below.

 Studded Text Photoshop Effects Move Tool

Select the Eraser Tool and using a hard round brush, erase the overlapping parts of the duplicate layer.

 Studded Text Photoshop Effects Eraser Tool

Repeat these steps to stroke the entire text.

 Studded Text Photoshop Effects Stroke Text

Step 5

Now, make the text layer invisible again and select all the stud layers by selecting the topmost layer and shift-clicking on the first stud layer.

 Studded Text Photoshop Effects Select Stud Layers

Merge these layers by going to Layer > Merge Layers and name the merged layer “Studs”.

 Studded Text Photoshop Effects Merge

You can now modify the text by moving a letter or deleting any extra parts. For instance, the letter T is placed a bit higher than the other letters and is a little longer. Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool to select the extra parts and press Delete to remove them.

 Studded Text Photoshop Effects Delete Letter T

Now, select the entire letter and using the Move Tool, move it downwards.

 Studded Text Photoshop Effects Move Letter T

Step 6

When you are done modifying the text, double-click on the Studs layer to open the Layer Style window and apply the styles shown below.

 Studded Text Photoshop Effects Bevel and Emboss

 Studded Text Photoshop Effects Contour

 Studded Text Photoshop Effects Drop Shadow

And we’re done! The studded text Photoshop effects tutorial is complete!

 Studded Text Photoshop Effects