How To Create A valentine’s Day Postcard In Photoshop. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create an romantic Love day postcard.

You’ll also learn to build a nice 3D box with a pattern applied to it in various perspectives.

I am sure someone might be happy if will get a card on valentine’s day.

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Create a new document with the following size: 800 x 800 pixels

Set the foreground color to #f40003 and the background color to #550000. With Gradient Tool I will add a radial gradient over my background layer.


Valentine’s Day

And here is the result.


In the following steps I will show you how you can create a 3D box with a nice pattern applied to each side of the box
I will create a shape with Pen Tool. For this shape I have used the following color: #7c0101

Gradient Tool

I will add a simple layer style

Pen Tool

After that I will create another document with the following size: 33×33 pixels. I will select Custom Shape tool, and from the default presets I will choose the heart shape. I will add a heart over this small document

Layer Style