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How to Create a Vintage Photo Effect in Photoshop

Vintage photography is all the rage today! Everyone is going crazy with all the Instagram filters and creating a vintage effect. If you don’t have a smartphone, here’s how you can create a vintage photo effect in Photoshop.

Vintage Photo Effect

To create a vintage photo effect, you’ll need:

  • Any recent version of Photoshop should work

Step 1

Open your image in Photoshop.

Vintage Photo Effect Original

Start editing your picture with the Gradient Map. To do so, go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Gradient Map. Choose the Blue, Yellow, Blue gradient preset and use the settings shown below.

Vintage Photo Effect Gradient Map

Reduce the opacity of the Gradient Map layer to about 30% to get this result:

Vintage Photo Effect Gradient Map Opacity

Step 2

Now, we will add an Inner Shadow layer style to our image. But before we can do that, double-click on the Background layer in the layers palette and click OK on the dialog box that appears to make the background layer editable. Then, go to Layer > Layer Style > Inner Shadow and use the settings shown below.

Vintage Photo Effect Inner Shadow

Vintage Photo Effect Inner Shadow Result

Step 3

We will now add a Gradient Overlay layer style. To do so, make sure the background layer (or “Layer 0” as it has been renamed) is selected and go to Layer > Layer Style > Gradient Overlay. Use the settings shown below.

Vintage Effect Gradient Overlay

Vintage Effect Gradient Overlay Result

Step 4

Now, we will add a texture to the image to make it look really vintage. I used the texture shown below, but you can use any other texture you want.

Vintage Effect Texture

Lower the texture layer’s opacity to about 20%.

Vintage Effect Texture Opacity

Step 5

We are almost finished. All that’s left is to play around with the saturation, curves and gradient to get different vintage effects. For my picture, I added another Gradient Map Adjustment Layer, used the settings shown below and lowered the opacity of the adjustment layer.

Vintage Effect Final Effect

And this is the final vintage photo effect I got!

Vintage Photo Effect

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