I am sure you must have used vista in some point of your life and you must have seen the windows vista aurora effect wallpaper which the operating system is well known for . These wallpapers are amazing to look at and still they are very easy to create .
Well the advantage of creating such HD wallpaper is that you create them in anyway you like . It’s always good to have something that we create on our own .
Well lets get started with creating our fantastic HD wallpaper . Here are a few simple steps that you should follow to create such an amazing wallpaper .

Step 1- Find an HD wallpaper

It might look a little strange but to make this wall paper we need an existing HD wallpaper . You might wana find a very colourful wallpaper filled with variations . A perfect example would be landscape or scenery wallpapers as they always have a lot going on in them . But for now we will use Summer sun rays scenic wallpaper.
Forest HD Wallpaper

Step 2 – Blur the wallpaper

With the wallpaper opened in photoshop and reshaped the way you like we are going to apply some filter to it . Photoshop filters are a the easiest ways of making adjustments to the selected image quickly an easily without worrying much on what goes on in the background .
Just go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. From here we can blur the image as we want .  Play around with the radius setting but I would prefer 70 which will give you a result like this .
Blurred HD Wallpaper

Step 3 – make adjustments to the colours

Now that we have the base of our wallpaper we are going to put in some amazing colours into our wallpaper . Here is what you need to do .
Go to Layer > New adjustment Layout > Colour Balance. In the little popup that will appear just click ok . By this time you should have a window opened up which says properties .this window should have three sliders which will allow you to adjust the amount of cyan, magenta and yellow colour in the image . This is where you take control of the colour adjustments . Just move each of the three sliders and see what happens . Keep doing this till you are happy with the result .
Well I went for a lot of blur colour but you can choose whatever you want .
Blue blurred wallpaper

Step 3 – Adding style to out wallpaper

Now that we have our background complete we need to put some aurora effect to our wallpaper . With the help I the marquee tool make a selection spanning right across the image so that only a little of the curvature is seen . It should be done roughly so as to select the top half of the image .
Create a new layer by going to Layer > New > Layout and hit ok to the small popup that appears . Now use the brush tool with the size setting of about 300 pixels and the hardness value of 0 ,  now with white selected as your fore background brush vertically along the line just inside the selected area .
With the layer still selected you have to change the blending mode to overlay . Now see what happens , mainly our selected area will turn into curved line across the wallpaper . Now all we have to do is position it properly . Just drag and rotate the line using the transform tool so that its not vertical through our your wallpaper .
Now all you have to do is right click on the layer and duplicate it . Just rotate it here and there until you get the desired effect and you re done . This is how mine looks like .
HD photoshop wallpaper tutorial