How to Create Wooden Speaker Vector in Photoshop

Learn How To Create Speaker Vector In Photoshop! Today we will learn how to Create Wooden Speaker Vector in Photoshop. We will firstly create the background , then we will work on the many layers, layer masks and other useful techniques related this tutorial. This tutorial is very simple to follow, so I suggest to everyone to give a try.


Final Result


Speaker Vector final


1.  Create a new project with a resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels

white background


2.  Now Select the Rounded Rectangle Tool (U) and make shape with radius to 10 pixels like as Below


Speaker Vector shape


3.  Go Filter > Render > Fibers like as below


Speaker Vector render


4.  Set Variance and Strenght in Fiber


Speaker Vector wood


5.  Now select the Rectangular Marquee tool (M) and Make a round shape like as below


Speaker Vector round


6.  Open layer style and select Inner shadow and set the shadow like as below


Speaker Vector shadow



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