creating new year 2014 filter

This tutorial will tell you how to create a New Year 2014 text in Photoshop CS6, like the one below. All you will be using in the software is Filter effects and Layer Styles.

creating new year 2014

Setting the backgrounds

Firstly, create a new image with height 340px and width 600px and fill it with the color #B6B5AB.

creating new year 2014 color

Click on Filter > Noise > Add Noise and set the changes made in the picture.

creating new year 2014 filter

Creating the text

Write your text in white color using the text tool. Make the following changes to the text.

 creating new year 2014 text

Open Layer Style by double-clicking on the text layer and make these changes:

 creating new year 2014 layer 1

creating new year 2014 layer 2

 creating new year 2014  layer 3

creating new year 2014 layer 4

Also, the text layer’s Fill should be set at 0%.

 creating new year 2014 fill

Finally, duplicate the text layer. All of the effects should be kept the same, but the Bevel and Emboss should be changed as shown below:

 creating new year 2014 duplicate

That’s it! You’re done! You can change the text to something else if you want to.