Design an Abstract Type Sword Warrior with Fantastic Effect. In this Photoshop tutorial, I will advise you the steps I latched onto Design an Abstract Style Sword Warrior with Fiery Effect in Photoshop. It is really an intermediate level tutorial so some steps could be tricky, why n’t have trying 🙂

Along the route, we’ll be using some photoshop retouching techniques, selection tools, cloud effect, texture application and custom brush painting.

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Fire Sword Warrior Flatten

Step 1:

Create a new document sized 790px * 1050px with black background, create a new layer and use the gradient fill (set to radial gradient) tool to fill the background as shown below:

1 Fill

Load the stone texture into Photoshop, use the quick selection tool to select a portion of the texture as shown below – we will be using this to create some ground texture:

1 Sell

Copy and paste the selection onto our document, use the free transform tool to perspective it a bit to create some depth:

1 Pers

Use a soft eraser tool to remove the edges so it fades into the background:

1 Erase

Add the following 3 adjustment layers to this stone texture as clipping mask:

Black and White

1 Bw




1 Curves

and here is the effect you will have so far:

1 Effect

Step 2:

Load the model image into Photoshop, cut out the model and paste it onto our canvas, resize and position the model in the centre as shown below:

2 Paste