Design Coffee Cup Cream Using Photoshop

Here Is the Final Image which is we online casinos deutschland are going to Design.Design Coffee Cup Cream Using Photoshop

Here is new one tutorial how to create coffee cup cream using just a few Photoshop filters.In the beginning of tutorial casinobonus we should find some appropriate picture with cup of coffee. You can find it on the Google Images of feel free to use mine picture. Open up the picture and start our tutorial. After that use Select > Modify > Feather to feather selection borders about 3 pixels to bring our future gradient more realistic view. Ok, now select some appropriate colors, for example colors of #000000, #573700 and drag a linear gradient. Remove selection with Ctrl+D and change layer mode to Screen for this layer. Ok, time to create coffee cream. Create new layer and add a few white spots with Brush Tool and a no deposit casino bonus soft round brush. After that apply Filter > Distort > Twirl with similar casino spielen settings to these: The result should be next: Looks not bad for now, isn’t it? Ok, goon on. After that apply another one Filter > Distort > ZigZag and set up next parameters for it: Your picture should look casino online bonus as mine: Design Coffee Cup Cream Using Photoshop

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