How you can Non destructively Improve Your Picture In Photoshop. In this particular tutorial, I will show you how you can Non-destructively Sharpen Your Image, as a result draw out more photo details in Photoshop. You may apply this procedure to any image and you’ll be astonished by the end result. Plus it is done in a non-destructive way, with no damage an original image.

Step 1

Download this image here and load it into Photoshop – firstly we want to duplicate the background layer once (always a good habit when it comes to image editing):



Go to “Channels” (View > Channels) and add a new Alpha Channel:



Then, hit Ctrl + A and select the entire canvas:


Go to the new Alpha Channel, copy and paste the selection onto our Alpha Channel:


Step 2

Go to Filter > Stylize > Find Edge and find the edges of this image on the Alpha Channel:

Find Ed

and here is the effect after the Find Edges Filter applied:

Effect After Find Ed