Draw a woman Cartoon Character in Adobe photoshop. Hello everybody! In the current tutorial I’ll provide you with how you can draw a woman cartoon character in Photoshop.



So lets get started.

Open a different document in Photoshop and fill the backdrop with color #e5d48f. Then make a new layer across the background, name it “Sketch” and begin sketching the overall shape of our character (I prefer to sketch directly in Photoshop but if you believe much more comfortable applying paper then get it done this way).


Now add a new layer, name it “Face”, grab the pen tool and trace around the face. Fill the path with #f7c79b.


On two separate layers draw the eyes using pen tool and fill with #fbfbf3.


Again using pen tool and color #38c2f5 draw the irises (each on a separate layer). Use color #161819 for pupils (again on a separate layers).


Using Ellipse tool and white color draw light reflections and lower the opacity to around 85%.

Light Reflections

Add a new layer and name it “Eyelashes-up”. Using Pen tool create a path like shown below:

Eyelashes Path

Then click on the brush tool to activate it and make these settings:

Brush Settings

Brush Settings