Drawing Effects Designing Using CS4 Photoshop

here this is the Final Image of Drawing Effects Designing Using Photoshop CS4 which is we are online casinos deutschland goint to design in this tutorial as well just take your time hope you will enjoy this tutorial as well like the others.

Drawing Effects Designing Using PhotoshopDrawing Effects Designing Photoshop CS4

I tried to experiment with photo and mix it with black lines to simulate drawing. Would you know how to make it? Ok, then read this tutorial. Let’s start by finding the picture of beautiful girl with hairdressing. I went to Google Images and online casino bonus looked up the picture, you can feel free to download my picture from here. Open up the picture and desaturate it in the beginning with Image > Adjustments > Desaturate or press Ctrl+Shift+U.

Drawing Effets Designing Using Photoshop

Drawing Effets Designing Photoshop CS4

After that increase the contrast with See the Move to the next step. Create a new layer and fill it with white color. After blackjack casino bonus that change layer opacity casino online bonus ohneeinzahlung for this Merge two of After that select casino roulette online the Create A little Drawing Effects Designing Using Photoshop

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  1. Elis

    Very lovely effect. thumbsup

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