You may not aware that you can easily earn with Twitter just with few clicks. I have some blogs and webs but as Twitter many people become most popular. If you want to promote yourself or any product, its the easy way.

In this Tutorial, we will guide you How we Earn with Twitter and make money online because Twitter became more popular and every one using it on webs. So Lets Learn How to Earn.

Twitter Helps to Promot Your blogs for driving traffic:

You may see the Twitter button “X tweets” just below the title? When a Twitter user clicks on it, it will automatically post a link to my post on their Twitter timeline. When someone feel an article/post is interesting, followers of the first person who tweeted my post will retweet it, and so on and counter keep increasing on every click.

So when you get retweeted by popular tweeter accounts (Some people have more than 20000 followers) at an hour of the day where many people are behind their computers, results can be extremely great.

Earning Money on Twitter Directly

Now lets learn how to earn: Lots of people are using Twitter accounts to drive traffic to their blog posts, but only few people making money directly on twitter, without even having a blog or website of anykind.

The only things you need are Twitter and Paypal Accounts. Follow the People who sell products such as WordPress Themes, different kind of ebooks in their blog posts, etc. When they tweet about one of their products, You just simply retweet them. But, don’t forget to change the url used in the original tweet by your own affiliate url, so you’ll make the comission for the traffic you drove. See the screenshot

Earn Money with Twitter
Earn Money with Twitter

Easy, isn’t it? The only thing you have to do is to get followers that are interested in the kind of products you’re tweeting about. A twitter account should be focused on a particular niche if you want to make money with it.

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  1. Twitter is not just status updates! Twitter is a place where you can advertise your brand or yourself in way to captivate and socially interact with your followers. Twitter, in essence, is about creating online relationships with your followers.