Easy Create Evil Photo Effect In Photoshop,in this easy few steps photoshop tutorial how to create eivl photo effect in photoshop.

Final Image.

Horror Final Effect

I use this Image.

After Image

Step 1:Make sure the image is black and white (image > adjustments > desturate)Choose the polygonal lasso tool.

Select Polygonal Lassso Tool

Create a Selection around the man.

Select Area

Step 2: Go to Layer menu new> layer via cut<you have select area an other Layer.

Cut Select Area

Copy the Cut Layer simple Press Ctrl+J.

Cut Layer Of Duplicate

Step 3 : Select Layer 1 adjust color.

Select Layr One Color

Color Setting.

Layer One Colo

Step 4: Select Layer 1 Copy Adjust the color.

Layer Tow Color

Color Setting.

Layer 2 Color Balance

Step 5: Create a duplicate of layer1 copy and Hide It

Copy Layer One And Hide

Step 6: Select Layer 1 copy go to FX Button of Layer Penal

FX Patern Overly

Layer Style ,Pattern Overlay setting

layer Style Setting

Then press ok your Image Look like this

After Image Layer Stly

Layer 1 copy top of the layer penal Opacity 65%< Screen

Opecty 50Here we Evil Effect Result.

Horror Final Effect