Photoshop Tutoria Rainbow Eyes easy Create A Rainbow Eye In Adobe cs4 Photoshop easy Create Rainbow Eye in Adobe photoshop tutorial.

Final Result.

Step 1:Choose your Image

I choose this Image

Eye Is Eye

Create new Layer In Layer Panel

Create New Layer

Step 2:Select Brush Tool

Ope sty 100

Select Brush Tool

Choose color

Select Color

Step 3: Choose Color RianBow Colors One By One And Apply on Eye

Red Color

Green Color


Ater Eye

Apply Color

Apply colors on eye

Apply Apply

After Layer Penal

Step 4:go to filter menu>choose Blur> And Gaussian Blur

Go Filter Blur Gaussian Blur

Gaussian Blur Radus 40 %

Gaussion BlurAfter Eye

After Eye

And Layer Penal

And Layer

Step 5:Select Eraser tool

Select Eraser Tool

And Eraser on center of eye

Eraser On Area

And Marge layer Keybord Shortcut key Ctrl+E

Simple Press Ctrl+E

Here We Result