Easy make a Fisheye Lens effect using Filter-Distort in photoshopCs4 Cs3 Tutorial,this Adobe photoshop Cs4 tutorial we learn how to create Fisheye Lens effect in Adobe photoshop Cs4.

Final Image.

Here Final Image

Here I have a use photo


Step 1:Select the elliptical marquee tool from the tool bar

Elliktical Marquee Tool

Select The Area.

Slect Area

Make sure foreground black

Black White

Step 2: Go to Select<Inverse and Press Del

select Inverse Del

After Image.


Step 3: Select Bucket tool And Fill it color  Black

Select Buct

Black White

After Image.

Fill It Black

I’ll do a Select<Inverse .

select Inverse Del

After Image.

Afer Select

Step 4: Here I ll go to Filter>Distort>Spherize. 100%

Filter Distort

Spherzie  Setting.


After Image.

After Look

Simple Press Ctrl+D Here We Are Final Result.

Here Final Image