This is very easy tutorial for beginners which is easy to follow Photoshop Tutorial, easy make a partial black and white effect in photoshop.

Final Image.

Here We Are Final Result

i Use This Image.

Limon G

Step 1:Choose Your Any Image Duplicate Layer

duplicate layer Right Click Layer keyboard shortcut key Ctrl+j

Duplicate Layer

Duplicate Layer

Duplicate Layer Ok

and Hide the Copy Layer

Hide Duplicate Layer

select Background Layer

Select Layer 1

Step 2: Go Image Menu>choose Adjustments>choose Black & White

Image Adjustment Black

Black & White Adjustment


Then you have black & white image

You Have

Show the hide Layer

Show And Select

Step 3:Select Eraser Tool

Select Eraser Tool

And Apply The Area

Apply Around Area

Here We Are Result

Here We Are Final Result


  1. hi,nice friend
    but it could be easier!!!
    you could easily select the item and inverse it(cntrl+shift+i)
    and black and white it simply(shift+cntrl+alt+B)