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Easy Make Partial Black and White Effect in Photoshop

This is very easy tutorial for beginners which is easy to follow Photoshop Tutorial, easy make a partial black and white effect in photoshop.

Final Image.

Here We Are Final Result

i Use This Image.

Limon G

Step 1:Choose Your Any Image Duplicate Layer

duplicate layer Right Click Layer keyboard shortcut key Ctrl+j

Duplicate Layer

Duplicate Layer

Duplicate Layer Ok

and Hide the Copy Layer

Hide Duplicate Layer

select Background Layer

Select Layer 1

Step 2: Go Image Menu>choose Adjustments>choose Black & White

Image Adjustment Black

Black & White Adjustment


Then you have black & white image

You Have

Show the hide Layer

Show And Select

Step 3:Select Eraser Tool

Select Eraser Tool

And Apply The Area

Apply Around Area

Here We Are Result

Here We Are Final Result

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  • hi,nice friend
    but it could be easier!!!
    you could easily select the item and inverse it(cntrl+shift+i)
    and black and white it simply(shift+cntrl+alt+B)

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