Easy Replace a Color Using the Brush Tool in Photoshop,easy Adobe Photoshp tutorial replace a color Using the brush tool in Photoshop.

Final Result.

Final Result

Step 1:Choose Your Image I Select This Image

Yellow French Marigold Flower

Step 2: Select Polygonal Lasso Tool

Select Polygonal Lasso Tool

And Select The Area.

Select Tha Area

After Selection.

After Selection

Step 3: Select Your Area Simple Press Ctrl+J

Your selection area copy to other layer and Select Layer 1.

Ctrl+J Copy Layer

Step 4: Select Color Replacement Tool

Color Replacement

Color replecement tool Setting.

Brush Setting

replace color Select i Choose this color.

Color Penal

Step 5: Apply on Image.

Apllay On Selection

Here We Final Result.

Final Result