Wired Magazine introduced on the September 2008 issue a new headline design created by Mario Hugo. This cool headline design struck me with its beauty and simplicity. So I decided to turn this effect into a Photoshop tutorial.
Although the effect is a bit different, all credit should be given to Mario Hugo.
Since he designed a custom typeface for these headlines, I had to find some similar typefaces to apply this effect. The first and obvious choice was the popular Baby Teeth font. Fortunately there are a lot of free alternatives, and one of them is Disco Deck by Iconian Fonts.

Effect Text Papercraft Using Photoshop
As usual, my tutorials are very long. It is not that the effect is difficult to achieve. In fact it is very easy. It is just because I don´t want to leave beginners out in the cold. Each step, no matter how easy it is, is explained in detail. Of course, I can unintentionally leave something unexplained, but I expect everybody, with a minimum Photoshop experience, to be able to follow the tutorial and reach the final result. Hope you like this effect and if you come up with the same effect using a different font, please leave a link at the comments section, as usual.
Create the Background
Go to FILE > NEW… and create a new 600px x 200px document with a white background. Check the image below if you are unsure about the settings.

 Effect Text Papercraft Using Photoshop
Now let´s create the gradient for the background. In fact, this is the gradient that we will be using for the text effect.

It simply looked nice as the background too. 1 – Select the Gradient tool. 2 – Click on the gradient and the gradient editor window will open.

 Effect Text Papercraft Using Photoshop
1 – Create the new gradient using the settings in image below.
2 – Click on the NEW button and give it a recognizable name.
3 – The new gradient will appear on the gradients library.
Effect Text Papercraft Using Photoshop
Select the gradient tool and then from the gradients pull down menu (1), choose the gradient we´ve just created (2).
Select the ANGLE GRADIENT option (3).
Effect Text Papercraft Using Photoshop
Check the image below to see how to apply the gradient. Place the cross on the top left corner of the image and drag it to the right.
It is very important to start (point 1) the gradient at the very top left corner of the image or even outside the image, but never inside the image, it won´t look good.
Since we are using the ANGLE GRADIENT option, it doesn´t matter where you release the mouse (point 2) as long as you keep the line horizontal.
Effect Text Papercraft Using Photoshop
You should get a result similar to this one:
Effect Text Papercraft Using Photoshop
Prepare the Text
This stage involves much more than typing a word. You will have to create a layer for each character of the word. That´s because we will be using Layer Styles. And each letter will have its own Layer Style assigned to it. Before starting, download the Disco Deck font and install it on your system. To install a font on your system follow these instructions for MAC or PC After installing the font, select the Text tool, set 150px as the font size, and type the letter C.
Effect Text Papercraft Using Photoshop


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