Lasso Tool

In this Photoshop tutorial I would like to show you creative way how to displace the text and get an interesting effect on it.

To start create a new document sized 1000×500 pixels and fill it with color of #f4f4f4.


After that add some dark line to divide the floor from the wall. Get out the Elliptical Marquee Tool and create selection as shown on the picture which you can see below. Then fill this selected area with black to transparent gradient.

Dark Line

Remove selection with Ctrl+D and apply Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur with similar settings to these:

Elliptical Marquee

The result should look like this:

Marquee Tool

Move to the next step. Select Horizontal Type Tool to write out the text on the middle of canvas on whish we will demonstrate displaced effect.


In the above image I’ve used Arial Black (250 pt, Crisp) as my font of choice. Then apply Bevel and Emboss and Gradient Overlay layer styles to this layer.

Transparent Gradient