In this easy Photoshop tutorial I’m going to try and teach you how to recreate the famous Smiley Yahoo!, you know, the one that’s all over the Yahoo website?

Famous Smiley Yahoo Creation
Famous Smiley Yahoo Creation

1. Document
Start by creating a new document. For this tutorial I used a very small document size. I then added in a simple radial gradient to the background.
Famous Smiley Yahoo Creation
Document size: 250×250.
Gradient: #e9d5ed to #9533ad.
2. Base
Create a new layer (layer > new > layer) then make a rounded selection in the middle of the document. The size of my face is 49 x 49 pixels. Now fill your selection with any old color, I used #f7ee67, but it doesn’t matter since we’ll be applying layer styles to it anyway.
Famous Smiley Yahoo Creation
In the layers palette, right-click your layer and go into the Blending Options, then click and apply the following settings:Famous Smiley Yahoo Creation
Famous Smiley Yahoo CreationApplying those two layer styles will leave your face looking like this:
Famous Smiley Yahoo Creation
3. Effects
Let’s add the shiny effect to the left of the face. After creating a new layer, select your face pixels by holding ctrl and clicking the layer thumbnail in the layers palette. This is what your document should look like now:
Famous Smiley Yahoo Creation
Contract your newly-made selection by one pixel by going to Select > Modify > Contract in the Photoshop menus. Be sure you’re on the new layer then fill the selection with white. (#ffffff)Famous Smiley Yahoo Creation

With the selection for the smaller circle still active, move the selection about 4 pixels to the right and 1 pixel downwards.Famous Smiley Yahoo Creation
Press delete on your keyboard to remove the selected area. You should be left with this:Famous Smiley Yahoo Creation